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Spectrum Auctions To Be Conducted In 2022 To Facilitate Roll-Out Of 5G Services

The roll-out of 5G services facilitate by private telecom operators during the financial year 2022-23

• The government will conduct a spectrum auction this year, which will facilitate the roll-out of 5G services by private telecom operators during the financial year 2022-23, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Tuesday.

• "Spectrum auctions will be conducted in 2022 to facilitate the roll-out of 5G mobile services within 2022-23 by private telecom providers," Sitharaman said.

• She said the telecommunications sector in general and 5G, in particular, can enable growth and offer job opportunities.

• "A scheme for design-led manufacturing will be launched to build a strong ecosystem for 5G as part of the production-linked incentive scheme," the FM said.

• She said that to enable affordable broadband and mobile service proliferation in rural and remote areas, 5 per cent of annual collections under the universal service obligation fund will be allocated.

• "This will promote R&D and commercialisation of technologies and solutions. Our mission is that all villages and their residents should have the same access to e-services.

• communication facilities and digital resources as urban areas and their residents," FM said.

• She added that the contract for laying optical fibre in all villages, including remote areas, will be awarded through the BharatNet project through PPP in 2022-23.

• "Completion is expected in 2025. Measures will be taken to enable better and more efficient use of the optical fibre," FM said.

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